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First Passion...

"I wouldn't be a Collins if I didn't recognize that my heart, my soul, that my roots are here. And- perhaps- my destiny." -Barnabas Collins, 1967 

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Hello Sweetie

Good riddance, 2010! We had some great fan times which I'll acknowledge below, but other than that, you were a waste of time.  Here's looking at you, 2011. 

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The King's Speech

Earlier today in an attempt to not bring unpleasantness to a couple of guests my Mum was entertaining I left and headed to the Pasadena Playhouse. I've been wanting to see "The King's Speech" for over a month now but with it's really limited release, I had to wait. Anyway, it was phenomenal and would be my pick for Best Picture and Best Actor for Colin Firth with Best Supporting Nods (and wins) for Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham-Carter
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A Thousand Words

 A Thousand Words or getting the best out of a crappy photo. 

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 This is definitely going to be one of those entries where I ramble on with all the stuff I just can't get out of my head. Let's call this my personal pensieve where I can unload everything without worrying about the flow of the conversation. Pipe up if you do have a thought though! 

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The Bad Guy... Oh Yeah.